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Why Process Servers Essential in the Legal Process

Process servers usually work behind the scenes, getting important paperwork where it needs to go without making a big fuss. You probably don’t even realize how essential process servers are to the entire flow of the legal system in our local, state, federal, and even international courts. But how? In this post, we’ll talk about exactly why professional process servers are so vital.

Process Servers Uphold Constitutional Rights

Many people do not realize that being served with a process is their constitutional right. It’s all about due process, which is guaranteed to U.S. citizens and some others in the 5th and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution. Due process means that defendants and witnesses are given adequate notice of any court proceedings against them, allowing them enough time to prepare their defense or testimony.

Process Servers Help Court Schedules Run Smoothly

A court case cannot proceed unless it is confirmed that the defendant has received proper and adequate notice of the proceedings or accusations against them. This notification is achieved by serving process on the defendant(s) and witnesses named in the case within a certain amount of time after the case is filed. This deadline varies from court to court. Without these notifications, courts would be backlogged with cases on the schedule that cannot proceed because all the case litigants aren’t aware that it is going on. Process servers prevent this scenario by serving case litigants with these notifications well within the service deadline.

Process Servers Lighten Law Enforcement’s Workload

While almost all law enforcement offices have some sort of civil process unit, let’s face it. Law enforcement’s time is much better spent fighting crime, not delivering paperwork. Many law enforcement officers are already understaffed and underappreciated, so anything that can be done to lighten their load is a good thing. Private process servers ease this burden on law enforcement by providing a service that can deliver these important court documents without occupying valuable police time.

The Best Process Servers in Charlotte

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