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Why You Should Use a Process Server for Evictions

Legal issues are rarely pleasant, and evictions are some of the most unpleasant legal interactions a person can have. Forcing someone out of their residence is never fun, but sometimes necessary. Failure to pay rent is the most common reason for eviction, but criminal activity, unauthorized tenants, or unauthorized pets also cause evictions.

Eviction procedures are complex and strict. Not following the process with meticulous detail can derail the entire eviction case. In some cases, not following the state’s eviction laws can lead to devastating financial consequences for the landlord. One part of the eviction process that is often botched is the delivery of notices to the tenant(s).

The best way to avoid issues due to improper delivery of eviction notices is to hire a professional, private process server to do the job. A private process server will:

Meet All Deadlines

Once the eviction process begins, a strict timeline must be followed for the eviction to proceed lawfully. Deviation from this timeline can give the tenant grounds to request that the eviction be delayed or even dismissed entirely. A private process server will make sure that all notices related to the eviction process make it to the right person, at the right place, before the deadline. Once initial notices are delivered to the tenant(s) and the proper amount of time passes, the landlord can seek a full eviction lawsuit against the tenant(s). Here again is an opportunity for a private process server to deliver the eviction case process to the tenant(s), ensuring the process is served properly and fully documented so that the case can proceed on time.

Provide a Buffer

Evictions are almost never consensual, so it’s no wonder that tempers can flare so violently when a landlord and tenant begin discussing an eviction. This is why many landlords prefer to use a private process server to deliver all eviction notices to tenants. By avoiding in-person interaction, the landlord can usually defuse the situation until the tenant can be lawfully removed from the property.

Verified Delivery

Some nefarious tenants may try to claim that they were never given notice of the impending eviction and therefore, don’t have time to prepare for the case or find alternative housing. This delay tactic can work if you don’t have proper documentation that all notices and paperwork were delivered to the tenant in a timely fashion. A private process server provides just that. By declaring by affidavit that eviction notices have been delivered to the proper person and place, a private process server adds credibility to the landlord’s case and prevents costly delays due to tenant deception.

Hire a Process Server for Charlotte Evictions

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