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Reasons To Use Private Process Server Instead of Sheriff

When it comes to serving legal documents, individuals and businesses have the option of using either a private process server or a sheriff. While both have the ability to serve legal documents, there are several reasons why using a private process server may be a better option for some individuals and businesses in North Carolina.

Speed and Efficiency

Private process servers are often able to serve legal documents faster than sheriffs. This is because private process servers are able to dedicate their time solely to serving legal documents, while sheriffs may have other responsibilities and duties to attend to. Additionally, private process servers often have a larger network of resources and can locate individuals who are difficult to find more quickly than sheriffs.


Private Process servers have more flexibility in terms of when and where they can serve legal documents. Sheriffs, on the other hand, may have more restrictions on when they can serve legal documents due to their position and may have limited availability only during business hours. By contrast, private process servers can serve legal papers any time of day or night.


Private Process servers can be more cost-effective than sheriffs, especially for those who need to serve many legal documents. Private Process servers may also offer bulk discounts, which can greatly reduce the cost of serving legal documents for attorneys and law firms.


Private process servers often have a higher level of expertise and experience in serving legal documents. This specialization can lead to a higher success rate in serving legal documents, which can be especially important in high-value cases or cases where individuals are trying to avoid being served.

Personalized Service

Private process servers often provide a higher level of personal attention and customer service than sheriffs, again due to the fact that law enforcement has so many other responsibilities. This personalized service can benefit individuals with specific requirements that may be more complex than the standard service.

A Note on NC Law

North Carolina law currently requires all litigants and attorneys to have service of process attempted by their local sheriff’s office first. If the sheriff’s office cannot or will not serve the process, or they neglect to do so in a timely manner, then a private process server may be requested. However, there is confusion in the state about these laws and some judges have no issue with the use of a private process server first. It is best practice to get a signed order from a judge allowing the use of a private process server for your case before actually hiring anyone.

The Best Private Process Servers in the Charlotte Area

While both private process servers and sheriffs have the ability to serve legal documents, there are several reasons why using a private process server like Accurate Serve of Charlotte may be a better option. We serve process in both North and South Carolina to better serve the residents of Mecklenburg County and the surrounding communities, so you won’t have to deal with multiple sheriff’s offices if you choose us to handle your process. Whether it is the speed and efficiency, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, specialization, or personalized service, private process servers can provide many benefits that sheriff’s offices cannot match. If you need process served in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area, don’t settle for less than the best! Contact Accurate Serve of Charlotte at 704-858-2952, or send us a work request online to get your legal documents served by the best process servers in Queen City!