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Why Process Servers Essential in the Legal Process

Process servers usually work behind the scenes, getting important paperwork where it needs to go without making a big fuss. You probably don’t even realize how essential process servers are to the entire flow of the legal system in our local, state, federal, and even international courts. But how? In this post, we’ll talk about exactly why professional process servers are so vital.

Process Servers Uphold Constitutional Rights

Many people do not realize that being served with a process is their constitutional right. It’s all about due process, which is guaranteed to U.S. citizens and some others in the 5th and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution. Due process means that defendants and witnesses are given adequate notice of any court proceedings against them, allowing them enough time to prepare their defense or testimony. Continue reading

What May Happen if You Avoid a Process Server

If you know that a process server is searching for you because someone has filed a lawsuit against you, you may be tempted to try to avoid the process server to delay the case. Hollywood does a good job of making this seem like a feasible tactic. However, this never works out in real life. No matter how much effort you put into avoiding the process server, they will eventually serve you with those court documents, even if you never see them in person. Once you’re considered “served” in the eyes of the law, even if by alternative service, the case against you can legally proceed.

Just a few of the possible consequences of avoiding a process server include: Continue reading